Blackjack Rules

Online blackjack is a game that you will find in virtually every online casino. A good casino game must have clear rules which lay out how the game is or should be played.

Rules may vary amongst regions, online casinos, as well as from one country to the other

One of most important things that you should remember with regard to blackjack rules is that they may differ from one country to the other. The rules may also vary from one online casino to the other as well as from one region to the other. Because of this variation a wise online blackjack player should carefully research and read the rules in effect in particular casino that he or she has chosen to play.

The blackjack table

Before getting in to the exact blackjack rules, it is good to have a look at the layout and seating of typical blackjack table.  The blackjack table which is felt covered seats a dealer and players who may range from one to seven in number. The dealer can be standing or seated but will be in a position facing the pliers. If the players wish they can also stand. To the left of the dealer, the first set is known as First Base. The first seat to the right of the dealer is referred to as Anchor or Third Base.

There may be multiple or single decks

In blackjack play, there may be multiple or single decks. Single deck games are mostly restricted to the casinos in Nevada.  Multiple deck games consist of decks of even number (2, 4, 6 or 8).  Ahoiw4ever, there are some few other casinos which may use 5 or 7 decks.  Multiple decks are used my most casinos because of two main reasons; first, they reduce but do not eliminate the undue advantage of online blackjack player who may be counting the cards, and secondly, the dealer can deal more hands within hour and there increase the take of the casino.

The rules

As stated earlier, the blackjack rules may vary from one casino to the other, from one country to the other, as well as from one region to the other. However, generally, before the start of blackjack game play, the dealer is required to shuffle the cards.  The player will be offered the deck with cut card by the dealer. The player will then cut the deck with that cut card. The dealer will then burn the card, that is, he will take a top card and show to the players then place it face up on deck bottom.

There must be shuffling of cards anytime the dealer reaches the burnt card when dealing. Before the dealing of cards, the active players should make their wager. The wager is made through placement of chips that are desired by number and value into relevant betting boxes. After all the players have made their bets the dealer should deal two cards to each player. The cards are not dealt at once, but one at a time begging from left to the right.