Live Blackjack

What is live blackjack?

Blackjack is a game that is loved by many people across the world. According to many players, they try all the other games but in the ultimate they return to the blackjack because its thrill, fun and excitement have no equal.  Well, that is their opinion but in general, blackjack is among the most popular card games all over the world.  Whether it is land based casino or online blackjack, there are two major angles namely the traditional blackjack and the live blackjack.  Generally, most people think of online blackjack as the traditional blackjack.  They think of computer that deals out cards from an ‘infinite stack’.  Casinos have flashy websites with amazing sounds and graphics that make the play of blackjack game extremely exciting and enjoyable. However, live blackjack is more than that because you play with a REAL DEALER but not Random Number Generators (RNGs).

Is live blackjack better than RNG?

Is live blackjack batter than Random Number Generators?  Although some people may hold contrary view, the straight answer to this question is YES.  In live blackjack, you will not only see a dealer physically dealing the cards but he will also chat with you.  It is a live experience that the takes the traditional excitement and thrilling of playing blackjack to the next higher level.  The main reason why people play online blackjack is because they want higher interaction level. You can very easily get ‘lost’ in the regular casino because of the high number of people playing at any particular time.  It will be truly awesome if you can play your favorite game, the blackjack at a table where you have all the attention of a dealer.  This is what live blackjack is all about – one on one interaction with a real dealer.  Because of these reasons, live blackjack is much better than the random Number Generated (RNG) blackjack.  The live blackjack is also seemingly fair than RNG because you will see the dealer as he physically shuffles the cards.

Important facts to note about live blackjack games

Based on the foregoing, live blackjack offers the advantages that any player would want to reap. However, there are some few important facts that you should note about this game.  First, the live blackjack games vary slightly from one dealer to the other. They may also vary with sidebets and the option of playing multiple bets.  All these variations are good because they add plenty to the variety.  Also, you do not have to be a high roller so that you can play live blackjack.  Although there are some live blackjack tables for VIPs which have very high limits, wagers can sometimes be extremely and affordable by most average players.

Important fact to note about live blackjack dealers

One of the factors that differentiate live blackjack from the other is the character of the dealer. A good live blackjack casino should have very professional and highly experienced dealers who know very well how to play the game as well as how to serve clients and customers.