Unibet is a live casino.  In other words, it is a live casino on your screen.   While in some other cases you will only deal with software and computer Generated Random Number generators, in this casino you get your answer through live chat.  There are various games that you can play at their website but our main focus here is the blackjack.  To play this game at the site you will be required to register at their site.  The site is also available in mobile version m.unibet.com. Once you have registered, you can now play your favorite games including online blackjack and win real money.


Some brief information about the blackjack game

Blackjack is a popular game that is played with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 decks of cards.  There are some casinos which use continuous shuffling machine.  Double deck or single deck games can be played. The double deck games are the most popular. In any case, the dealer should hold the cards then deal them out. In the multi-deck games, the dealer should deal the cards out tray like box referred to as shoe.  In the hand held games, the dealer should deal the cards face-down after which the player can now pick up his or her cards.  In the shoe game, the dealer should deal the cards face up.  In this game, the player should not touch his or her cards once they have been delay face up. The basic play of shoe game and hand held games remains the same.

The objective of the game

The objective of online blackjack game at Unibet is basically to get combination of cards which is higher than of the dealer but which does not exceed 21. This is a little bit tricky because you compete against two things; beating the dealer, and not exceeding 21. In some blackjack variations, the paler will lose if his or her hand is equal to that of the dealer. You may ask why 21? Well, since its origin, blackjack has been known as Twenty-one. That is the traditional rule of the game.  If your hand’s total exceeds 21, you are referred to having ‘bust’ and lost the game.   The rules of the game require that the player should act first.


The values of cards

The card’s suits do not affect the game.  The cards with numerical value of between 2 and 10 are counted at their face value regardless of their suit. An Ace counts as 11 or 1.  A five and queen equal 15. A five and Ace have 16 or 6 as their total depending on whether the Ace is counted as 11 or 1. If a hand has Ace, it is known as Soft Hand because its value can change. A hand without Ace is known as hard Hand because its value cannot change. The most perfect blackjack hand is Ace plus any of those cards which are appreciated at value 10 because this gives blackjack or solid 21.